Fellowship Bible Church’s Last Day and the Journey Team!

Hello! Great time with the teams today. I think this makes day number 30 that Dad and I have worked with no days off. Looking forward to resting on Friday. But the teams have been super!

I took the Fellowship team over to CD Tower.

Then to the Mexican store. I thought this picture of a dog licking Lazarus’ wounds was gross.

Chinese Pharmacy.

Afterwards we went back to the church for lunch and to work on the Paper bag prayers.

I met up with Dad at Al Madina and then over to Global Mall to check on the Strong Rock and Journey team.

Took the Fellowship team to Highland Knoll and Huntington Terraces to pass out the paper bags full of candy and to pray with the residents.

Then onto missions!

Talked with Sam Coleman, he’s bringing a team next weekend.

Worked with the girls on some of their Social Studies.

Home now to work on the Financial report and team schedules for next week.

Looking forward to the curry chicken Milo’s cooking.



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