Mountain View BC!

Hello friends!

Great to be back with the teams! We briefed them.

IMG_2000-X2 IMG_2005-X2 IMG_2006-X2


Then on to the farmer’s market.

IMG_2011-X2 IMG_2009-X2 IMG_2012-X2



IMG_2027-X2 IMG_2038-X2 IMG_2031-X2 IMG_2030-X2 IMG_2024-X2 IMG_2034-X2 IMG_2040-X2 IMG_2033-X2 IMG_2036-X2 IMG_2051-X2 IMG_2041-X2 IMG_2029-X2 IMG_2021-X2

Called Will, he’s helping us get our audit together for the churches.

Called another team leader, hope to sign them up for the last days in July.



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