FBC Jonesboro

Hello my friends!

Dad and I had a GREAT day working with the high school choir from FBC Jonesboro.

Dad gave the briefing.

Then we went over to the Buford Highway Farmer’s Market. We had a competion with the 60 plue students over who could find the weirdest thing.

Cow head…that’s pretty weird.

Ghost peppers. On the Schovile scale 10 being the hottest, these peppers are 10 plus!

Did some missions with the kids at 12 differnt apartment complexes all over the Chamblee area.

The choir did a concert at Pearl Lane. People were stopping on the streets to listen and hear the Good News.


They even did a skit where a girl was under attack by all the evil things of this world like drugs, greed, death. One little girl turned to me and said with a pouty lip, “This makes me sad.”


Then Jesus came on the scene and demolished all the evil and saved the girl. The little girl turned back to me and said, “I’m happy now that Jesus came!” It was some pretty powerful stuff.


After the show one mother came up to the group and asked for us to come pray with her daughter who’s just graduated from high school. They had just gotten in a fight where the daughter had actually punched her mom in the mouth. A group of the choir girls went over to talk with her. We have a suspision that she’s probably involved in a gang. Please be praying for this young woman.




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