Driving on Fumes

Oh! How stressful to almost run out of gas on your way to school. Fortuntaley I made it.

After class Little Momo came and bought me some gas.

Thanks, Mo!

Worked on applying for a scholarship.

Tutoring at Azalea. Today I cut a piece of index card in half and cut a little rectangle in the middle to help guide Aylin’s eyes while reading. It really seemed to help when she could focus on one word at a time.

Worked with Marium on her water cycle project.

Mo gave the kids birthday presents today.




Missions Flame Team

Hello my friends!

What a great day we had with the teams.

The day started off with Dad giving the briefing. They loved it as always.

Then off to the Farmer’s Market…

Can you guess what this is?



( Notice the tiny goat’s teeth.)

We enjoyed delicious lunch of red curry at Penang with Mr. Kenny.

I helped out at Highland Gardens, the apartments that are about to be torn down. As I rounded kids up, I would  knock on doors only to hear the hollowness inside of an abandoned home.

I had fun getting to know Tihti, Anika and Merhin, three sixth graders from Bangladesh. They talked about moving to their new apartments, the Bangla music group that’s coming next month and their fears about entering middle school.

Next, we served at Azalea. I always love going there since I know all the kids. You can’t beat having a those sweethearts run up to you and give you a big hug around the waist.

We played Red Rover, jumped in potatoe sacks and listened to the Bible story.

Happy Fourth of July!





Back in the Saddle Again

Yay! I’m healed and feeling like my ol’ tiger tank self again! Thank you for all your prayers, they really made a difference.

Nana, Katie and I took the teams over for a Global Mall tour. We spent a long time talking with the priests in the temple. Very interesting conversations. I think it’s always important to see the commonalities in the different religions.

We also went over to Halal Madina for some samosas. Those are triangular meat perfection.

Ate lunch with Babu and Jesse at Penang. Can’t beat that. Before heading over to take photos and videos of the teams.


Then Dad and I drove into downtown Atlanta to meet with Jon Stetson, a buddy of my Dad’s.

All in all a GREAT day! And I’m SO happy to be back in the saddle again.



FBC Jonesboro

Hello my friends!

Dad and I had a GREAT day working with the high school choir from FBC Jonesboro.

Dad gave the briefing.

Then we went over to the Buford Highway Farmer’s Market. We had a competion with the 60 plue students over who could find the weirdest thing.

Cow head…that’s pretty weird.

Ghost peppers. On the Schovile scale 10 being the hottest, these peppers are 10 plus!

Did some missions with the kids at 12 differnt apartment complexes all over the Chamblee area.

The choir did a concert at Pearl Lane. People were stopping on the streets to listen and hear the Good News.


They even did a skit where a girl was under attack by all the evil things of this world like drugs, greed, death. One little girl turned to me and said with a pouty lip, “This makes me sad.”


Then Jesus came on the scene and demolished all the evil and saved the girl. The little girl turned back to me and said, “I’m happy now that Jesus came!” It was some pretty powerful stuff.


After the show one mother came up to the group and asked for us to come pray with her daughter who’s just graduated from high school. They had just gotten in a fight where the daughter had actually punched her mom in the mouth. A group of the choir girls went over to talk with her. We have a suspision that she’s probably involved in a gang. Please be praying for this young woman.





Riding around with the Mobilizing Students Team

Mo and I went to the dentist this morning. I have no cavities. Wahoo!

Ate some fruit with Rahat and his mom. They are moving to Arkansas in two weeks. Rashad, Rahat’s mom said in her broken English, “I miss your family…when we Arkansas. You help Rahat homework.”

We’ll miss you guys too!

Meet up with the Mobilizing Students team to discuss logisticts.

J and I drove around with Josh, a team leader, so he’d know how to get to each complex they’ll be serving at.

Hung out with the Azalea team. They are doing some great Bible Study lessons with the kids.

My big fish is sick. :( Jesse is going to euthanize it. Makes me sad to loose a pet.

The good news is that my other fish had babies.




Popsicles and Newspapers

Like see food?

Miles and I ate at our favorite garden market, Always Fresh. They have the best squash and brochlie soup.

Looked at hiking gear for our Costa Rica trip in July.

Surprised the kids with Popsicles today at Kensington. They only have 3 days left until summer break. Please pray that God will grant me a creative idea for the summer backyard Bible club. I’m thinking about planting a garden and growing in God’s love.

None of the kids had homework. The girls and I sat on a blanket while Alexia practiced reading. Jocelyn did my hair and listened while the boys played football.

I’m listening to Lexi read and I hear Mrs. Opal blow her whistle. I had to jump up quick and break up a few fight between Nick and Malik. Instead of fighting I encouraged each of them to scream as loud as they could to get their anger out. Then we did push ups. This seemed to help ease tensions.

The girls had a great time painting their nails on the picnic table with Mrs. Opal. She taught them a magic trick with disappearing nail polish. Click here to watch the movie.

And as always she brought a healthy  snack for the hungry kids.

Worked on laying out the Orientation newspaper issue. Designing and writing is the fun part.