Riding around with the Mobilizing Students Team

Mo and I went to the dentist this morning. I have no cavities. Wahoo!

Ate some fruit with Rahat and his mom. They are moving to Arkansas in two weeks. Rashad, Rahat’s mom said in her broken English, “I miss your family…when we Arkansas. You help Rahat homework.”

We’ll miss you guys too!

Meet up with the Mobilizing Students team to discuss logisticts.

J and I drove around with Josh, a team leader, so he’d know how to get to each complex they’ll be serving at.

Hung out with the Azalea team. They are doing some great Bible Study lessons with the kids.

My big fish is sick. :( Jesse is going to euthanize it. Makes me sad to loose a pet.

The good news is that my other fish had babies.



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