Missions Flame Team

Hello my friends!

What a great day we had with the teams.

The day started off with Dad giving the briefing. They loved it as always.

Then off to the Farmer’s Market…

Can you guess what this is?



( Notice the tiny goat’s teeth.)

We enjoyed delicious lunch of red curry at Penang with Mr. Kenny.

I helped out at Highland Gardens, the apartments that are about to be torn down. As I rounded kids up, I would  knock on doors only to hear the hollowness inside of an abandoned home.

I had fun getting to know Tihti, Anika and Merhin, three sixth graders from Bangladesh. They talked about moving to their new apartments, the Bangla music group that’s coming next month and their fears about entering middle school.

Next, we served at Azalea. I always love going there since I know all the kids. You can’t beat having a those sweethearts run up to you and give you a big hug around the waist.

We played Red Rover, jumped in potatoe sacks and listened to the Bible story.

Happy Fourth of July!




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