Azalea, Kylie and Costume Hunting

Hello! Great day with the Azalea kids. The preshoolers get their homework in Spanish. Dad teaches the fourth graders fractions. I like these peppers that grow outside the mission. Mo and Jossie. Spent the night with Jessica. We watched Little Folkers. Kylie has an ear ache. Poor girl :( Anna and I went to lunch at TGI Fridays. They have some great spinach dip! Then we went shopping for Halloween costumes. Zombie baby! I had SO much fun scaring Miles with Zombie baby last year. I put it in his bathtub. When he pulled back the shower curtain. I could hear his scream all the way upstairs. “WHHHHHATTTT THEEEE?!!!” She’s going to be Morticia and I think I’m going to be a lion. Miles and I went to the park. It was such nice weather! These are the new boots he got for his birthday. Finished my story project. Our Last Adventure in Madagascar Cleaned my fish tank. It was nasty. Love, Ashley

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Last Summer Team and Modern Dance

Well, Dad did his last briefing for the summer with the Mobilizing Students team from Oklahoma.

They had a great time at the Farmer’s Market.

But the best part is always the Missions with the kids.

It’s funny because last week Lynsie invited me to a Pilates. I loved everything and could follow along until we did some dance moves. Then I was just flailing around the floor.

Dottie, the teacher laughed and said, “Just keep moving, Ashley.”

So this week when I got to the studio I laughed when Lynsie told me we were doing Modern Dance instead. Hah! A whole 2 hours of dancing. I had a lot of fun trying something new that I’d never done before in my life, and even picked up some of the routine.

Check out the trailer I made of our girls night in last week.

Also, I’m really diggin’ Anjulie right now…



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Global Mall and Learning ENG

Samosas are a beautiful thing.

And even better with Chutney. The team ate it up! At least three members bought their own jars to take back home.

Madina, the North African market, is so cool. I’m constantly looking for new and interesting things.

After Madina, Dad and I took the team to Global Mall.Watch the video here.

Dad printed out a picture of one of the teams for the priest. He was SO happy he put it up in the front shrine area.

Dad taught me more about Electronic News Gathering (ENG) today and let me practice with the camera. I captured wideshots, up close subject shots and focused on letting my video tell the story.

After we got home we reviewed the tapes together and I learned more about filling the frame and how to better break the scene down into components.

Swam at the pool with Milo and then cooked burgers and burritos at his house.

Got my truck back. Rick, the mechanic, told us the radiator “blew up” and it will cost $950 to get the Expedition running again. Bad news. But Dad says not to worry but to trust in God to provide.




Teams and Pilates

Quesadilla day! Dad and I took the team over to CD tower the equivalent of Walmart for all your idol needs.

Then on to see the Chinese Pharmacy. The team bought some Tiger Balm and some kind of ear wax removal thing.

Martin served up some delicious quesadillas today. His lean steak and goat cheese is so good. A lot of the older members on the team enjoyed the real Coke with white lightning sugar not fructose corn syrup.

They really enjoyed the goats milk lollipops.

The kids had a great time at the missions doing crafts, games, sports and a Bible story. Even the Bengali mothers were listening on the sidelines.

This kid’s friend was speaking in Bengali and he turned and said, “Speak English…we’re finally in America.”

Dad picked me up and we visited the other locations. Today he taught me how to shoot news style video of the teams in action.

Later, the kids helped us label the newsletters.

Doughnuts are the best parts. It’s always funny when Dad comes in with the doughnuts, opens the boxes and the kids swarm and yell and fight to get them. Then five seconds later it’s silent…just the sound of chewing can be heard.

Signed up for classes! I’m taking Communications, English Lit, Features Writing and Journalism. LOTS of writing.

I met Lynsie at the Dance Studio for Pilates. I had a lot of fun looking at her old pictures.

It was nice to meet Dottie the teacher. I’m looking forward to going back next week!

Hindu temple tomorrow. Start praying for the people we will meet.




Loving, Building and Writing

Today started out like all the other days. Briefing with the teams. This week they’re from Alabama, Florida and Tennessee. They look like a great bunch!

Off to the Farmer’s Market to pick out the weirdest stuff we could find. Ghost Chile Peppers. The hottest peppers in the world!

Or the Durian, also known as PooPoo fruit. The Durian Chewing gum was banned on Asian buses because it smelled so bad.

Miles met us at Picadilly with Dad’s video camera.

After lunch was the fun part…MISSIONS! Even though it rained super hard the kids still came out and played.

Jesse and the boys acting silly.

At Highland Gardens I got to pray with a Hindu woman. That’s what I wrote my newsletter about tonight. Send me an email to to get on the mailing list!


Miles and I built his mom a tall, white bookshelf from Ikea today before our swim. We did 20 laps together! It’s a weird feeling to be sweaty and hot in a cool pool.

My car overheated tonight on the way home. Please be praying for that all to work out.





Today I woke up earlier than Dad, which is very unusual. And I think it was because today’s SAMOSA DAY!! Oh hot, flaky, buttered pastry filled with spicy beef, you taste so good.

Especially with the chutney. Can’t forget that.

We stopped in a the Botonica first. It’s the best place to buy your Adam and Eve bubble bath.

Mo bought some love perfume.

Looks like it worked.

The teams next safari was to Global Mall and the Norht African store.

I think they learned a lot about Hindu culture visiting the temple.

The Indian food banquet hall below the temple really know how to cook  chicken Masala.

Hung out with the teams. It’s the Orangeburgers last day. :(

Registered for classes. In August I’ll be taking Communications, Geology Lab, Math and Creative Writing. As a Junemore I’m finally getting into classes of my major.

Finished my Cocoa Beach with the Kendalls July 2011 documentary.

Wrote a letter to Heather.

Miles and I cooked some Carne Asada tacos! Click here to see the recipe.

Lynsie and Ashley came over. Ash brought her sweet pup, Rori.

Shuggie sure does know how to get comfortable.

Looking forward to taking the first ever group of gringos to Plaza Fiesta. They are going to eat it up! It’s like being transported to Mexico.



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CD Tower and Quesadillas

Dad started off with a briefing as always. Today he explained works religions and grace religions. Christianity is the only grace religion. God is SO good, how could we ever do anything that would measure up? Think about that.

First Mo and I took the Family BC to CD tower. The girls bought fans and chopsticks to stick in their hair and the guys bought num chucks and conical hats. (It’s surprisingly cool under this hat).

When we lived in Kenya, Mama used to go to the market and buy these little clippers and wrap them up for Jesse and I for Christmas. Oh CD Tower, you bring back such good memories.

Then I taught the team to tell the difference between Korean, Vietnamese and Chinese at Italy Optics. This is when I really feel like a tour guide. “Now, if you’ll look to your left you’ll see the first language written is Korean. See how its spaced out and mathematical looking…”

Next to My Dung Videos. (Which really stink…but nobody laughs at that joke.)

And on to the Chinese Pharmacy where Susan opens the drawers filled with mushroom stems, dried seahorses and Ginseng roots.

(Dad, don’t you think it’s funny we have the same taste in photography?)

The quesadillas at Carniceria Numero Uno were delicious today.

I got a new recipe for carne asada tacos so I decided that this Mexica tienda (store) would be great place to shop at. I can’t tell you how fun it was for me to ask for a pound of chopped steak in Spanish. The cook (Francis) asked surprised, “Tu hables Espanol?!” (You speak Spanish?!”)

“Si, pero yo necisito practicar mas …” (Yes, but I need to practice more.) He went on to ask where I lived and how long it took me to drive to his shop.

After I’d picked out my cebolla (onion), cilantro, tomatoe, ajo (garlic) and jalepanos I took my load up to the register.

“Hola sernora!” I acknowledged the young women behind the counter dressed in a black apron. As put my ingredients on the counter I practiced my Spanish.

“Uno cebolla, dos lemones, y come se dice  avocado in Espanol? ( how do you say avocado in Spanish?)”

“Oh you’re very smart!” She replied in Spanish. “Este es Aguacate”

She went on to ask in Spanish who I was cooking for. “Oh mi novio.” (My boyfried).

“Oh? What country is he from? Mexico?” She asked in Spanish grinning.

“No, soy de Georgia. El es uno Gringo” (No, he’s from Georgia. He’s a white boy.) I wink at her and we giggle together.

She laughed again and said it’s better to have men from Mexico, they enjoy your cooking more.

I checked out only spending 24 dollars on a whole meal that yields four. (My steak is marinating in cumin powder, lime and red chile powder right now. I can’t wait for supper tomorrow!)

The missions went great today. I love to see the Bengali mothers come and listen to the Bible stories.

And of course the kids love the teams.

This little girl wanted to play “monster tag” so bad! She giggled the whole time Kristy chased her around.

Running down Stone Mountain in the rain after work was one of the top ten best experiences of my life. The hot wind whipping at my feet combined with the cold hard droplets on my body…I felt like I could run forever there was so much Chi in the air.




Summer Teams and Dragon Fruit

Monday. You know what that means? Briefing with the new teams in town.

And Buford Highway Farmer’s Market. Here are some of my favorites from today.

Chicken feet. Great back scratchers.

Green peas covered in Wasabi. They have a kiss of horseradish.

Fried Chicken drumstick flavored chips. You’d think they were made in America with a description like that, but they’re actually from Japan.

Had a wonderful time with the Family Baptist Church team from Orangeburg, SC. We went to Wynscape (where I bruised my knuckles knocking on so many doors)

And Huntington Terraces (where we had the guided tour with Mr. Bible). We played Tug of War. Mission kids versus Missionaries. One of the moms jumped up and started pulling right along with the kids. They won (with a crash)!

Bible story time at the Mission.

Niche ran up to me before the car was even in park. My favorite part of the day. (Besides eating El T with you and Mo, Dad.)

Ran 2 miles. My feet were painfully hot but I kept telling myself, “It’s surprisingly cool in the shade.”

Milo cooked cheesy rice and noodles for dinner, while I chopped Mexican mangos and Dragon Fruit.

Two of my top favorite beings on the planet.

I’m about to alter my Bengali dress for Wednesday at Global Mall.



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Missions Flame Last Day in Atlanta

Lunch with the whole family at our regular Friday spot; Red Robin…YUM!

I can’t wait to be laying in the sun on the white sand on Cocoa Beach, Florida with the new books I picked up after.

Enjoyed sitting in the shade with Niche, Michelle and Briana. Niche sat in my lap as Michelle played with my hair. Her little fingers would sometimes go in my ears as she pulled back my hair.

What’s one of the easiest way to round up kids?

Snow cones!

Packed for the beach vacation with Milo’s mom and dad tomorrow morning.

Finished my Sibling Road Trip Documentary! Take a peek here….




Fiesta Farmer’s Market

BAM! When Dad and I walked in the Fiesta Mall it was like being straight back in Mexico. Everyone was hustling around shopping for Quince Anos  dresses, tamales and prayer beads at the Botanica.

This is going to be a great new place to bring the teams.

Speaking of teams, today was the Florida teams last day. They seemed to have a GREAT time. Can’t wait until they get to come back.

Then for tea time with Dad at the Frosty Caboose.

My new favorite drink.



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I think it’s funny I categorize my days by the food we ate. But today was no exception. Samosa are triangular beef patties that taste amazing with mango chutney. Jesse got a traditional chewing stick to clean his teeth with afterward.

Muslims believe that Jesus, or Isa, was one of the prophets but not the Son of God.

After spicy triangular treats the team headed over to Global mall to experience the Hindu temple.

The “Inspirer” served the idols an array of spices.

Hindus believe that from age 0-25 you’re supposed to enjoy life, party and not really be interested in god. So when the young people from the teams come to the temple the Brahman says that they are “old souls” since they are interested in learning about spiritual things.

After visiting the temple we took the team to La Rumba, Mexican food buffet. Mucho grengos.

Next Dad, Glenda and I went to take pictures of teams.

My new food fave….YOGORIAAAAAA. Yum! There I go about food again.

Home again, home again.

Love, Ash


Quesadilla Day

Today is one of my favorite days of the tours: Quesadilla day. After checking out the Buddhist shop…

….and the Chinese pharmacy…

…we all ate steak quesadillas dripping with goat cheese. YUM!

This store makes me feel like I’m back in Costa Rica.

Dad and I drove around taking pictures of the teams.

Stopped in at the White Windmill. Those Koreans know how to bake!

Before picking up Mo, Dad and I stopped in at an antique shop. I liked the flying horses.




Missions Flame Team

Hello my friends!

What a great day we had with the teams.

The day started off with Dad giving the briefing. They loved it as always.

Then off to the Farmer’s Market…

Can you guess what this is?



( Notice the tiny goat’s teeth.)

We enjoyed delicious lunch of red curry at Penang with Mr. Kenny.

I helped out at Highland Gardens, the apartments that are about to be torn down. As I rounded kids up, I would  knock on doors only to hear the hollowness inside of an abandoned home.

I had fun getting to know Tihti, Anika and Merhin, three sixth graders from Bangladesh. They talked about moving to their new apartments, the Bangla music group that’s coming next month and their fears about entering middle school.

Next, we served at Azalea. I always love going there since I know all the kids. You can’t beat having a those sweethearts run up to you and give you a big hug around the waist.

We played Red Rover, jumped in potatoe sacks and listened to the Bible story.

Happy Fourth of July!





Back in the Saddle Again

Yay! I’m healed and feeling like my ol’ tiger tank self again! Thank you for all your prayers, they really made a difference.

Nana, Katie and I took the teams over for a Global Mall tour. We spent a long time talking with the priests in the temple. Very interesting conversations. I think it’s always important to see the commonalities in the different religions.

We also went over to Halal Madina for some samosas. Those are triangular meat perfection.

Ate lunch with Babu and Jesse at Penang. Can’t beat that. Before heading over to take photos and videos of the teams.


Then Dad and I drove into downtown Atlanta to meet with Jon Stetson, a buddy of my Dad’s.

All in all a GREAT day! And I’m SO happy to be back in the saddle again.