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I think it’s funny I categorize my days by the food we ate. But today was no exception. Samosa are triangular beef patties that taste amazing with mango chutney. Jesse got a traditional chewing stick to clean his teeth with afterward.

Muslims believe that Jesus, or Isa, was one of the prophets but not the Son of God.

After spicy triangular treats the team headed over to Global mall to experience the Hindu temple.

The “Inspirer” served the idols an array of spices.

Hindus believe that from age 0-25 you’re supposed to enjoy life, party and not really be interested in god. So when the young people from the teams come to the temple the Brahman says that they are “old souls” since they are interested in learning about spiritual things.

After visiting the temple we took the team to La Rumba, Mexican food buffet. Mucho grengos.

Next Dad, Glenda and I went to take pictures of teams.

My new food fave….YOGORIAAAAAA. Yum! There I go about food again.

Home again, home again.

Love, Ash

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