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Last Summer Team and Modern Dance

Well, Dad did his last briefing for the summer with the Mobilizing Students team from Oklahoma.

They had a great time at the Farmer’s Market.

But the best part is always the Missions with the kids.

It’s funny because last week Lynsie invited me to a Pilates. I loved everything and could follow along until we did some dance moves. Then I was just flailing around the floor.

Dottie, the teacher laughed and said, “Just keep moving, Ashley.”

So this week when I got to the studio I laughed when Lynsie told me we were doing Modern Dance instead. Hah! A whole 2 hours of dancing. I had a lot of fun trying something new that I’d never done before in my life, and even picked up some of the routine.

Check out the trailer I made of our girls night in last week.

Also, I’m really diggin’ Anjulie right now…



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