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Eid at Azalea

Successful day at school. in Feature Writing we discussed the articles we’d printed out. Mine was about the U.S. helping Mexico crack down on crime by allowing Mexican agents to cross the border.

In Statistics it was almost TOO easy. All we did was histograms, Mean, Medium and Mode.

At lunch at Donnie’s and ran into Lee, Ashley’s boyfriend. He bought my lunch. Thanks Ashley and Lee! :)

I helped Luz, Micky, Fabiola and Angel today with geography homework.


Tonight is Eid, the Muslims holiday after Ramadan is ended. We had a lot of fun dressing up with the Bengali ladies and eating the food. Wow! They spice it up the right way. Yumbo!

Watch the video here of the ladies dressing up Amy.

The ladies loved dressing Amy up like their doll.

This baby is SO cute!

Niche dressed me up with her ulna or scarf.

Oh! The curry, coconut rice, beef and lemon zested sauces.

Even Miles and Jesse got into Punjabs.

Studied for my Human Communication Quiz tomorrow. Wish me luck!





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