Ballet and Tap Class


Had a long talk with Daddy this morning. It’s always good to have an open relationship with your parents. But it helps when they’re just AWESOME baby!


In Human Communications we discussed how we felt about a couple of topics. Number one being, “Is a person listening even if they’re not responding.” We picked yes, although when I’m talking to someone I always like feedback even if it’s just an umm hmm here and there.

On to American Literature were we talked about Bradford’s On Plymoth plantation. Wow, those Puritans got into some nasty things; fights with Native Americans, horrible disease and bestiality. Eww.


Enjoyed teaching at the mission. Everyone’s always asking, “Where’s Jesse? Is Jesse coming?” Jesse, Jesse, Jesse… We miss you little brother.

Had my first adult tap and ballet class today. The ballet I got the hang of. It was slow and methodical. Tap was fast! Too fast for my beginner feet. I got the shuffle and the shuffle hop but I need more work on the shuffle ball switch. It was fun though! And I enjoyed trying something new. When everyone knows you’re new they cut you a lot of slack.

Home to study for my Statistics test tomorrow.



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