AP Style Test and Stat Test

Hidee Ho!

Today was full of tests. In Features Writing we were tested on our knowledge of AP style. That’s the journalist’s reference book that shows correct spelling and usage for most words. For example it would inform you  about state abbreviations in newstories or when to spell out numbers or when to use figures. Good stuff.

Came home and cooked some delicious bacon Alfredo before heading back for my Statistics test. Which I feel confident I did well on. I had one question about the standard deviation for a sample but I think I picked the correct decimal number.

Got my refund from school today! :D

I like teaching the kids because it refreshes my memory. Today we were studying about the Palo- Indians and the Beringia straight in Social Studies. I’m always interested in learn more about the first humans during the Ice Age.

Dad and I ate delicious huevos rancheros (eggs with salsa) for dinner. It reminds me of a story about my Mom. When she was younger in New Mexico she order huevos rancheros and told the wait to cut the eggs and salsa.

Off to study for my Human Communications test tomorrow.



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