A Bike for Lora

Mo has been Lora’s long time mentor.

Today, we all drove out to Jonathan Nolte’s, Communicycle, to pick up a refurshibed bike so she  can ride to class.

We both are taking classes at Georgia Perimeter College, so her ride starts tomorrow!

Before we picked up the bike I drove to show her the  safest route from her apartment to campus.

When Mo and I dropped her off at soccer practice Lora climbed out of the car, turned to us and said in her Antigua accent, “Mrs. Kathy, Ashley, thank you so much for everytiiing.”

Lora is taking summer classes at GPC until she returns to a Christian University in Florida. Please keep her success in your prayers.

Ashley and I watched the Lady Gaga concert. I hear her sister designs all her clothes.

Can you tell Miles loves his new job?



P.S. Got my Writing Fiction textbook. Yay! Just in time.


Popsicles and Newspapers

Like see food?

Miles and I ate at our favorite garden market, Always Fresh. They have the best squash and brochlie soup.

Looked at hiking gear for our Costa Rica trip in July.

Surprised the kids with Popsicles today at Kensington. They only have 3 days left until summer break. Please pray that God will grant me a creative idea for the summer backyard Bible club. I’m thinking about planting a garden and growing in God’s love.

None of the kids had homework. The girls and I sat on a blanket while Alexia practiced reading. Jocelyn did my hair and listened while the boys played football.

I’m listening to Lexi read and I hear Mrs. Opal blow her whistle. I had to jump up quick and break up a few fight between Nick and Malik. Instead of fighting I encouraged each of them to scream as loud as they could to get their anger out. Then we did push ups. This seemed to help ease tensions.

The girls had a great time painting their nails on the picnic table with Mrs. Opal. She taught them a magic trick with disappearing nail polish. Click here to watch the movie.

And as always she brought a healthy  snack for the hungry kids.

Worked on laying out the Orientation newspaper issue. Designing and writing is the fun part.