Summer Teams and Dragon Fruit

Monday. You know what that means? Briefing with the new teams in town.

And Buford Highway Farmer’s Market. Here are some of my favorites from today.

Chicken feet. Great back scratchers.

Green peas covered in Wasabi. They have a kiss of horseradish.

Fried Chicken drumstick flavored chips. You’d think they were made in America with a description like that, but they’re actually from Japan.

Had a wonderful time with the Family Baptist Church team from Orangeburg, SC. We went to Wynscape (where I bruised my knuckles knocking on so many doors)

And Huntington Terraces (where we had the guided tour with Mr. Bible). We played Tug of War. Mission kids versus Missionaries. One of the moms jumped up and started pulling right along with the kids. They won (with a crash)!

Bible story time at the Mission.

Niche ran up to me before the car was even in park. My favorite part of the day. (Besides eating El T with you and Mo, Dad.)

Ran 2 miles. My feet were painfully hot but I kept telling myself, “It’s surprisingly cool in the shade.”

Milo cooked cheesy rice and noodles for dinner, while I chopped Mexican mangos and Dragon Fruit.

Two of my top favorite beings on the planet.

I’m about to alter my Bengali dress for Wednesday at Global Mall.



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