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CD Tower and Quesadillas

Dad started off with a briefing as always. Today he explained works religions and grace religions. Christianity is the only grace religion. God is SO good, how could we ever do anything that would measure up? Think about that.

First Mo and I took the Family BC to CD tower. The girls bought fans and chopsticks to stick in their hair and the guys bought num chucks and conical hats. (It’s surprisingly cool under this hat).

When we lived in Kenya, Mama used to go to the market and buy these little clippers and wrap them up for Jesse and I for Christmas. Oh CD Tower, you bring back such good memories.

Then I taught the team to tell the difference between Korean, Vietnamese and Chinese at Italy Optics. This is when I really feel like a tour guide. “Now, if you’ll look to your left you’ll see the first language written is Korean. See how its spaced out and mathematical looking…”

Next to My Dung Videos. (Which really stink…but nobody laughs at that joke.)

And on to the Chinese Pharmacy where Susan opens the drawers filled with mushroom stems, dried seahorses and Ginseng roots.

(Dad, don’t you think it’s funny we have the same taste in photography?)

The quesadillas at Carniceria Numero Uno were delicious today.

I got a new recipe for carne asada tacos so I decided that this Mexica tienda (store) would be great place to shop at. I can’t tell you how fun it was for me to ask for a pound of chopped steak in Spanish. The cook (Francis) asked surprised, “Tu hables Espanol?!” (You speak Spanish?!”)

“Si, pero yo necisito practicar mas …” (Yes, but I need to practice more.) He went on to ask where I lived and how long it took me to drive to his shop.

After I’d picked out my cebolla (onion), cilantro, tomatoe, ajo (garlic) and jalepanos I took my load up to the register.

“Hola sernora!” I acknowledged the young women behind the counter dressed in a black apron. As put my ingredients on the counter I practiced my Spanish.

“Uno cebolla, dos lemones, y come se dice  avocado in Espanol? ( how do you say avocado in Spanish?)”

“Oh you’re very smart!” She replied in Spanish. “Este es Aguacate”

She went on to ask in Spanish who I was cooking for. “Oh mi novio.” (My boyfried).

“Oh? What country is he from? Mexico?” She asked in Spanish grinning.

“No, soy de Georgia. El es uno Gringo” (No, he’s from Georgia. He’s a white boy.) I wink at her and we giggle together.

She laughed again and said it’s better to have men from Mexico, they enjoy your cooking more.

I checked out only spending 24 dollars on a whole meal that yields four. (My steak is marinating in cumin powder, lime and red chile powder right now. I can’t wait for supper tomorrow!)

The missions went great today. I love to see the Bengali mothers come and listen to the Bible stories.

And of course the kids love the teams.

This little girl wanted to play “monster tag” so bad! She giggled the whole time Kristy chased her around.

Running down Stone Mountain in the rain after work was one of the top ten best experiences of my life. The hot wind whipping at my feet combined with the cold hard droplets on my body…I felt like I could run forever there was so much Chi in the air.



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