Today I woke up earlier than Dad, which is very unusual. And I think it was because today’s SAMOSA DAY!! Oh hot, flaky, buttered pastry filled with spicy beef, you taste so good.

Especially with the chutney. Can’t forget that.

We stopped in a the Botonica first. It’s the best place to buy your Adam and Eve bubble bath.

Mo bought some love perfume.

Looks like it worked.

The teams next safari was to Global Mall and the Norht African store.

I think they learned a lot about Hindu culture visiting the temple.

The Indian food banquet hall below the temple really know how to cook  chicken Masala.

Hung out with the teams. It’s the Orangeburgers last day. :(

Registered for classes. In August I’ll be taking Communications, Geology Lab, Math and Creative Writing. As a Junemore I’m finally getting into classes of my major.

Finished my Cocoa Beach with the Kendalls July 2011 documentary.

Wrote a letter to Heather.

Miles and I cooked some Carne Asada tacos! Click here to see the recipe.

Lynsie and Ashley came over. Ash brought her sweet pup, Rori.

Shuggie sure does know how to get comfortable.

Looking forward to taking the first ever group of gringos to Plaza Fiesta. They are going to eat it up! It’s like being transported to Mexico.



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