Loving, Building and Writing

Today started out like all the other days. Briefing with the teams. This week they’re from Alabama, Florida and Tennessee. They look like a great bunch!

Off to the Farmer’s Market to pick out the weirdest stuff we could find. Ghost Chile Peppers. The hottest peppers in the world!

Or the Durian, also known as PooPoo fruit. The Durian Chewing gum was banned on Asian buses because it smelled so bad.

Miles met us at Picadilly with Dad’s video camera.

After lunch was the fun part…MISSIONS! Even though it rained super hard the kids still came out and played.

Jesse and the boys acting silly.

At Highland Gardens I got to pray with a Hindu woman. That’s what I wrote my newsletter about tonight. Send me an email to to get on the mailing list!


Miles and I built his mom a tall, white bookshelf from Ikea today before our swim. We did 20 laps together! It’s a weird feeling to be sweaty and hot in a cool pool.

My car overheated tonight on the way home. Please be praying for that all to work out.



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