Teams and Pilates

Quesadilla day! Dad and I took the team over to CD tower the equivalent of Walmart for all your idol needs.

Then on to see the Chinese Pharmacy. The team bought some Tiger Balm and some kind of ear wax removal thing.

Martin served up some delicious quesadillas today. His lean steak and goat cheese is so good. A lot of the older members on the team enjoyed the real Coke with white lightning sugar not fructose corn syrup.

They really enjoyed the goats milk lollipops.

The kids had a great time at the missions doing crafts, games, sports and a Bible story. Even the Bengali mothers were listening on the sidelines.

This kid’s friend was speaking in Bengali and he turned and said, “Speak English…we’re finally in America.”

Dad picked me up and we visited the other locations. Today he taught me how to shoot news style video of the teams in action.

Later, the kids helped us label the newsletters.

Doughnuts are the best parts. It’s always funny when Dad comes in with the doughnuts, opens the boxes and the kids swarm and yell and fight to get them. Then five seconds later it’s silent…just the sound of chewing can be heard.

Signed up for classes! I’m taking Communications, English Lit, Features Writing and Journalism. LOTS of writing.

I met Lynsie at the Dance Studio for Pilates. I had a lot of fun looking at her old pictures.

It was nice to meet Dottie the teacher. I’m looking forward to going back next week!

Hindu temple tomorrow. Start praying for the people we will meet.



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