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Global Mall and Learning ENG

Samosas are a beautiful thing.

And even better with Chutney. The team ate it up! At least three members bought their own jars to take back home.

Madina, the North African market, is so cool. I’m constantly looking for new and interesting things.

After Madina, Dad and I took the team to Global Mall.Watch the video here.

Dad printed out a picture of one of the teams for the priest. He was SO happy he put it up in the front shrine area.

Dad taught me more about Electronic News Gathering (ENG) today and let me practice with the camera. I captured wideshots, up close subject shots and focused on letting my video tell the story.

After we got home we reviewed the tapes together and I learned more about filling the frame and how to better break the scene down into components.

Swam at the pool with Milo and then cooked burgers and burritos at his house.

Got my truck back. Rick, the mechanic, told us the radiator “blew up” and it will cost $950 to get the Expedition running again. Bad news. But Dad says not to worry but to trust in God to provide.



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