Azalea, Kylie and Costume Hunting

Hello! Great day with the Azalea kids. The preshoolers get their homework in Spanish. Dad teaches the fourth graders fractions. I like these peppers that grow outside the mission. Mo and Jossie. Spent the night with Jessica. We watched Little Folkers. Kylie has an ear ache. Poor girl :( Anna and I went to lunch at TGI Fridays. They have some great spinach dip! Then we went shopping for Halloween costumes. Zombie baby! I had SO much fun scaring Miles with Zombie baby last year. I put it in his bathtub. When he pulled back the shower curtain. I could hear his scream all the way upstairs. “WHHHHHATTTT THEEEE?!!!” She’s going to be Morticia and I think I’m going to be a lion. Miles and I went to the park. It was such nice weather! These are the new boots he got for his birthday. Finished my story project. Our Last Adventure in Madagascar Cleaned my fish tank. It was nasty. Love, Ashley

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